Come In

By way of welcome to those still arriving.

As Summer School approaches and we invite people to the Noticer I’ve been wondering what encountering it for the first time might be like. How have we made sense of it to date or is it less about sense and more about recognising and allowing space for a need to deposit a collection of resonant things in proximity to one another?

While many of the posts have sort to make connections across the various ideas being shared the reality of a blog is a much more linear affair – and a dense one at that! So how does one encounter and, if not make sense of, make friends with this proliferation of stuff so as to be able to join in? Might it be that we (posters to date) have been aided in this task by the fact that we know one another and have a sense of each other’s interests, specialisms, practices etc? How do we invite others in? How might we come to know you?

It seems to me that the impulse here is in the ‘bringing’ or the ‘offering up’ more than any notion of consumption. And perhaps this is the Noticers particular invitation; to value what(ever) arrives with it, to allow disparate ideas and experiences to find a non-hierarchical space in which to co-exist for a time. It should allow for different knowledge and different knowing, it may re-test well versed ideas or suggest other possibilities, or not do either of these things. What I think it does do is recognise the often joyous, affirming, sometimes almost physical and active state of recognition. What we are encouraged to do is to respond.


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  1. Such serendipity / co-incidence about your post and our conversation in Natasha’s kitchen. We’ve begun our day by talking about generosity and safety, about how both are so fundamental to our approach to teaching. In order to enable risk, play, critique, failure we share a sense of responsibility to create the right conditions or climate for these to take place.

    We’ve discussed what has happened so far and how we can welcome someone to join us. How what has happened can be encountered.

    We have already given much thought to a kind of material generosity, in the space on arrival, but what is it that we need to say? How do we create the climate?

  2. Encountering this blog for the first time (as a teacher who will be attending the summer school) I feel a pull to comment and join in… This post seemed like the right one to respond to. At the moment my thoughts on this blog are fuzzy and the lack of ownership I currently have on the matter keeps me at a distance. Although, at present, I have no fully formed thoughts or comments to make something drew me to respond, wanting to connect seemed to take charge. Looking forward to the week. Looking, there’s that word again!

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