Summer School day 5, Friday 1 August 2014

10.30: A wordless instruction
The collages made at the end of Day 4 are used as wordless instructions to influence the making of the Noticer/s.

Participants return to their groups and consider and interpret each of the instructions so as to develop their object in order. The objects will need to be made portable in order that they can be taken in to the collection later on.

12.15: Staying curious
The group is introduced to Huberman’s curiosity curve.

How do we stay curious? Can we consider the Noticer as a “way station” (Ingold); part of a process to somewhere else. How do we draw the week to a close without ending the process?

2.00: Finding friends
The group are introduced to the Boetti resource: e

We disclose the process of producing this resource and of the concept of “finding friends” for Boetti, literary, conceptual and artistic.

Participants are asked to visit the gallery to watch a projection of the Object Autobiographies on to an artwork. Untitled #05 t/c  has been selected because it groups together a series of objects and images from a variety of cultural, artistic and ethnographic sources.

3.00: New friend, Old friend…
The group is introduced to the following 5 types of friends: New friend, Old friend, Soul Mate, Difficult friend, Imaginary friend

Taking their Noticer directly into the gallery, each group is asked to find each of the above friends of the object they have made. To do so they consider its characteristics: material, functional and aesthetic. They take photographs of it alongside its friends and devise presentations to be delivered back to the whole group.

4.15: P-A-U-S-E
The most salient material is moved from the mobile blackboard to the fixed blackboard leaving the mobile blackboard completely clean.

4.30: S-T-O-P
The mobile blackboard is wheeled into the turbine hall.

Working in two groups, one on either side, the group is asked to “draw the week” on the board in a timed performance. The blackboard is wheeled back to the space and the Summer School is brought to a close.

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