(Appendix 1) Methodology

Method of sharing information
We will use a visualiser to project texts, drawings printouts (sourced).
We will print everything from the blog and stack it as a starting point. This will enable us to reach for things and project them quickly and live. Avoiding a fixed presentation.

During the week when something is found, used and projected from a book or text we will photograph it or photocopy it to add to the stack.

Method of taking notes
The blackboard becomes a place where information about the speakers, questions that are raised and information that is offered is noted.

Method of reflecting
A Pause or a Stop will be indicated by Jo or Tash writing on of those words on the visualiser. The first person to notice this will pass on the word to the others. The group will down tools and recall and record a conversation that they have “noticed” This should be written on the black board and photographed, prompting a discussion.

Method of learning
We acknowledge all participants and contributors as experts/non experts, teachers and learners, without hierarchy.

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