Questioning the World

Flowers & Questions

We talked about Fischli & Weiss’s work and the way they question the world.  My student Joe reminded me of this in his research report where he quoted Bice Curiger, the editor of one of my favourite catalogues Flowers & Questions:

‘When you start asking things, you initiate an endless process, you open up a can of worms, which is what the two artists are desperately trying to tell us’

Isn’t this what we want Noticer to do?
To open up a can of worms?


Noticing Tool

I’m on really delayed train so here’s my first post on my iPhone – if I can make it work!


We talked about the magnet as a metaphor for noticing: the current of noticing, being equivalent to magnetism. We were thinking of a Noticing Tool that might pull relevant information towards it. And whilst we were talking outside paddington station, we watched people sucked in by the gravitational pull of the municipal planters / seating. Lucy sent me this link once. We must look at it:



Where have we got so far?

This is the email sent earlier this week.  It seems important to include it at this point because it summarises things so far.  It has been sent as an invitation to a group of architect students who we would like to work with on the design of Noticer .

It seems pertinant that in the top left of the screen grab (my email in box) Amazon has  recommended The Object Stares Back by James Elkins

Email sent on 17th June to architect students.


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