Summer School day 2, Tuesday 29 July 2014

10.30: Keep Chewing the Gum
In this Artist talk Jenny Dunseath makes a performed presentation in the studio. See Appendix 2.

Jenny hands out chewing gum and plasticine to the participants. She gives a talk about her practice and theories around making, including references to artists Deacon, Barlow and Clark as well as philosophy in relation to not knowing; Adorno, Kant, Plato.

The artist encourages us to think about the resulting plasticine and gum forms as non-verbal, conscious/unconscious processes of learning/understanding.

11.10 P-A-U-S-E
The mobile blackboard is used during and after the presentation to record Noticings.

11.20: Walktalk
Small groups visit the collection to enable conversation.

We consider the resonance of issues raised in Jenny’s talk.

11.50:Designs for Noticer
The Architects present their ideas back to the group.

Using the visualizer to illustrate their proposals the Architects talk us through potential constructions.

12.20: Making
We work in groups to build Noticer/s

4 groups making 4 elements / versions.

An inventory of materials is called out and transcribed on to the visualizer. We think about the importance of taking time to correspond with one another and the materials.

3.00: Thinking through Making
The complete Ingold talk is projected. Thinking Through Making

3.30: P-A-U-S-E
The mobile blackboard is used during and after the screening to record Noticings.

3.50: Primed Noticing
Small groups visit the collection.

We give brief consideration to Learning Convener Leanne Turvey’s blog post on ‘primed’ noticing. Primed with the Ingold film we explore the collection in order to notice.

4.30: S-T-O-P
A system has evolved for moving the most salient material from the mobile blackboard to the fixed blackboard.

Responsive to curiosity, interactions and things that emerge